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As a part of USA Softball of Sacramento's Mission Statement, one of the goals of our organization is to provide scholarships to enable more persons an opportunity for advanced education. 

We have two scholarships offered to athletes on an annual basis and the deadline is December 31st of the current year.

Evelyn Andrews Memorial Scholarship

*Available for High School Seniors
(And College Freshman for 2021-2022 School Year due to Covid)

USA Softball is the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States. As a part of USA Softball of Sacramento’s Mission Statement, one of the goals of our organization is to provide scholarships to enable more persons an opportunity for advanced education. The USA Softball of Sacramento, Evelyn Andrews Memorial Scholarship is designed to help assist student-athletes who have participated in our local tournament program.

The USA Softball Evelyn Andrews Scholarship is awarded to players each year who embody the work ethic, attitude and overall spirit of Evelyn Andrews. Evelyn was a student athlete who had a passion for softball. She grew up playing in USA Softball Tournaments, especially in the Sacramento area.

In 2017 at the age of 17, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor.  After beating cancer, she went on to Humboldt State with a softball scholarship. Fall of 2019 Evelyn was diagnosed with cancer again - Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, a blood cancer caused by her chemotherapy in 2017. After beating cancer for a second time, Evelyn passed away February 2020 due to a blood clotting issue commonly found in AML patients. For the record, EV-2, cancer-0. 

This scholarship is funded through the contributions of local tournament directors and other special events during the year.

*For 2021-2022 we are allowing college freshman the opportunity to apply due to them missing their scholarship year due to COVID. Requirements for tournaments would apply to the 2019 year for these athletes.

Stanley Fingerut Memorial Scholarship

*Available to current college athletes attending local college.

The Stanley Fingerut Annual Scholarship is designed to provide funds to a student-athlete attending a college within the boundaries of USA Softball of Sacramento. Stan was a beloved umpire who officiated college, high school and recreation softball for over 40 years in the Sacramento area.  Stan proudly served as the Sacramento ASA Umpire-In-Chief from 1979-1989, the ASA Regional Umpire-In-Chief from 1989-2000, and on the ASA National Umpire Staff from 1989-2000.  Stan was proud of his involvement in officiating Women’s sports both basketball and softball, but softball was his favorite pastime.  Stan always had an affinity for Women's softball; watching the excellence, competitiveness and their love for the game. The Stanley Fingerut Scholarship Program is the perfect tribute to his legacy and love for the game.

Past Winners

Year Applicant Name Amount Team
2012 Alexandra Galvan $250 Mizuno All-American
2012 Caitlyn Seymour $250 CA Yardsharks
2012 Carly Perkins $250 NorCal Patriots
2012 Ashley Ludlow $500 Easton Elite
2012 Ashley Pender $500 Reno Diamonds
2012 Breeana Martinez $500 Capital City Comets
2012 Jordan Courage $500 All-American Sports Academy
2012 Kaila Olson $500 CA Grapettes
2012 Kara Wall $500 CA Breeze
2012 Kirsten Sjolie $500 CA Yardsharks
2012 Marisa Andrade $500 Strike Zone
2012 Alexandria Lucchi $1,000 Easton Elite
2012 Alyssa Reina $1,000 AASA
2012 Danielle Albini $1,000 Easton Elite
2012 Valerie Cain $1,000 Cordova Fury
2013 Katrice Crawford $250 All-American Mizuno
2013 Alexis Wilkerson $250 CA Breeze
2013 Kristina Brown $250 All-American Mizuno
2013 Gianetta France $250 CA Breeze
2013 Stephanie Cello $500 CA Breeze
2013 Tori Harrington-Boss $500 NorCal Cruisers
2013 Amanda Horbasch $500 USA Elite Gold
2013 Courtney Ludlow $500 Easton Elite
2013 Nicole Martin $500 All-American Mizuno
2013 Taylor Martinez $500 CA Breeze
2013 Alexia Pratt $500 CA Yardsharks
2013 Kristin Kurpershoek $1,000 All-American Mizuno
2013 Brette Lawrence $1,000 Nevada Lightning
2013 Steffany Dunn $1,000 CA Yardsharks
2013 Amanda Taylor $1,000 California Chaos
2014 Caitlyn McDuffee $500 Rocklin Hype
2014 Hailey Hermann $500 Easton Elite
2014 Jennifer Purcell $500 Rocklin Hype
2014 Kaitlin Pires $500 CA Breeze
2014 Nina Murphy-Cook $500 Rocklin Hype
2014 Kelsey Goodner $750 All-American Mizuno
2014 Mackensie Priley $750 Roseville Heat
2014 Angelica Terrel $1,000 Easton Elite
2014 Kelsie Merritt $1,000 Reno Diamonds
2014 Rachel Timberman $1,000 Silverstreak
2014 Ursyla Baumgarten $2,500 Easton Elite
2015 Tiana Brown $1,000 Silverstreak
2015 Katie Edgar $1,250 Roseville Heat
2015 Sky Divinagracia $250 Silverstreak
2015 Hayley Gazdik $1,750 Easton Elite
2015 Sarah Hansen $1,750 CA Yardsharks
2015 Kacie Hurlimann $1,000 West Coast Premier
2015 Deanna Nardi $500 Rocklin Hype
2015 Ashlend Rodriguez $1,250 Roseville Heat
2015 Bailey Stevens $3,000 Rocklin Hype
2015 Charlee Thompson $250 Roseville Heat
2016 Kasey Bagelmann $2,000 All-American Mizuno
2016 Amanda Bernard $500 Rocklin Hype
2016 Rebecca Bernard $500 Rocklin Hype
2016 Stefanie Brunello $500 All-American Mizuno
2016 Melanie Callahan $500 Rocklin Hype
2016 Vanessa Gilles $1,000 Easton Elite
2016 Michaela Haines $500 CA Yardsharks
2016 Reagen Jacobs $1,250 Silverstreak
2016 Kaitlyn King $500 Capital City Comets
2016 Shelby Miller $1,000 Firecrackers
2016 Savannah Ozuna 750 Cal Badgers
2016 Kaile Silacci 750 NorCal Impact
2016 Jenna Smith $1,000 CA Yardsharks
2016 Marissa Walton $1,000 Capital City Comets
2017 Elena Avila $2,000 Capital City Comets
2017 Brittani Bradanick $2,000 Team California
2017 Allyson Drury $3,000 CA Yardsharks
2017 Rylee Owen $500 CA Yardsharks
2017 Daphne Lopez $1,000 Team California
2017 Haley Suter $1,000 Foothill Gold
2018 Amanda Metzger $2,250 Foothill Gold
2018 Ashley Bliss $1,250 CA Yardsharks
2018 Hannah Capps $1,250 NorCal Batbusters
2018 Sarah Brant $1,250 Foothill Gold
2018 Evelyn Andrews $1,000 Davis Lady Demons
2018 Caylee-Mae Williams $1,000 CA Dirtdogs
2018 Mackenzie Parks $500 CA Yardsharks
2019 Helena Harris $2,500 CA Yardsharks
2019 Angie He $1,500 Lady Wolfpack
2019 Shelby Keltner $1,000 NorCal Firecrackers
2019 Cassandra Ralston $500 Rocklin Hype
2019 Sierra Bedrin $500 Rocklin Hype
2019 Lenora Watson $1,500 Foothill Gold
2019 Faith Matis $500 Foothill Gold
2019 Taylor Urrutia $250 All-American Mizuno
2019 Carlee Gonzalez $250 Rocklin Hype
2019 Madison Ybarra $500 NorCal Dirtdogs
2019 Gracie Balance $500 All-American Mizuno
2020 Karson Bagelmann $2,500 West Coast Wolverines
2020 Alexis Watson $1,500 Rocklin Hype
2020 Sarah Beckett $1,500 Foothill Gold
2020 Jobi Allen $1,000 Firecrackers
2020 Kaitlyn Anderson $1,000 Firecrackers
2020 Arabella Perez $500 CA Yardsharks
2020 Haley Fardanesh $500 West Coast Wolverines
2020 Samantha Mansfield $500 Foothill Gold
2021 No Scholarships Awarded $0 COVID Pandemic