Greater Sacramento Softball Association

Code of Conduct

In any sports organization, there must be rules and regulations to insure fair and equitable competition. The National USA Softball Championship Softball Program provides regulations, known as “Codes” that will be respected and followed by all members. In addition to the National Codes, Pacific Coast Region 10 and the local Associations may establish rules and regulations. These rules and regulations shall supplement the  National Codes. They shall serve and protect member teams and players in situations that are unique to our area and further define the codes where necessary. Standards of conduct are part of the National Codes and Pacific Coast Region 10 Rules and Regulations. As a member of USA Softball, every member shall respect these standards. No manager, coach, player, or other individual(s) affiliated with the team shall commit any of the following:


1.  Unsportsmanlike conduct or any derogatory acts on or off the playing field.

2.  Verbal or physical attack or threat upon an USA Softball official or umpire.

3.  Recruitment of a player while he/she is a member of another USA Softball team during the season.  No coach, manager, player, or other individual (s) affiliated with the team shall entice a player to change teams until that player’s team has completed Championship Play.

4. Destruction of property belonging to another. If an infraction occurs during a Championship Tournament, the team may be ineligible for further championship play. 

5.  Participation with Suspended Members including allowing to participate, playing with, or against.

6.   Debts owed: Non-payment of team-incurred debts owed to any USA Softball organization.

7.  Failure to provide an itemized and accurate financial statement to players or parent.

8.  Failure to have all team members individually registered and all adults background checked.

9.  Forfeiting a game in Championship Play.

10. Non-sufficient funds: Writing checks with non-sufficient funds or account closed checks to a USA Softball official, umpire, member team or individual. Penalty is restitution plus any additional charges. If payment is not made, responsible party is suspended until restitution is made.

11. Commission of fraud or larceny perpetrated against a USA Softball official or member team/individual.

12. Falsifying an official USA Softball document: Playing under an assumed name or falsifying an official USA Softball document.

13. USA Softball logos or trademarks: Use of any USA Softball logos or trademarks without expressed permission.

14. Commission of any acts that are contrary to the objectives and purposes of USA Softball.

15. Acts of disqualification: Any other acts of disqualification as listed in USA Softball Code Article 305. Penalties for violation of the Pacific Coast Region “Code of Conduct” or any other USA Softball Code violation (s) listed in the USA Softball Code will be determined by the Association Commissioner or his/her designee. A hearing will follow the procedures outlined in USA Softball Code Article 305B – 305E.



Violations of the Code of Conduct and/or violations of any eligibility are subject to penalty. 

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