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Umpire Insurance Options

Insurance for the USA Softball umpire is by far the best for any sport or organization and includes a $5,000,000 liability policy, an accidental injury policy with maximum benefit of $100,000 for any accidental injury arising out of the amateur softball activities (including clinics and schools), and games, leagues, and tournaments involving USA Softball registered teams. The medical expense coverage is provided on an excess basis. It also includes an accidental death and dismemberment policy, as well as a dental coverage. This insurance is automatic for any umpire registered with USA Softball. This includes adult and youth umpires. 

Optional Coverage

There is also optional insurance available for USA Softball umpires that will provide liability and accident insurance while officiating other sports. In addition, this optional insurance will provide game fee reimbursement if you are injured while performing duties as a sports official. To learn more about this optional coverage, please see the insurance page.


Insurance Forms

Umpire Insurance FAQ

Umpire Accident Claim Form


For more information on umpire insurance, please visit our insurance website.

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