Greater Sacramento Softball Association

Official Umpire Gear

As professional umpires, our appearance when we walk up to the field can have a lasting impression on the coaches, players, and fans. At USA Softball of Sacramento we take great pride in offering the best possible officials, and we believe that the way our officials present themselves from the time they get out of the car is just as important as the quality that they offer on the field. The bottom line is, we have to look the part.

As a USA Softball umpire, you are required to adhere to the standard USA uniform, which consists of a fitted USA cap, a powder blue or navy USA logo shirt, pressed grey or navy pants, an USA ball bag, and polished black shoes.

You can get the approved uniforms and equipment from two sources. 

Locally, uniform needs are met by Chuck Brabec, UIC.  He can get you anything you need that is featured in the USA Softball catalog or online. You can contact Chuck Brabec at or place an order using our Umpire Store.

Or, you can order online from the USA Softball National Office at USA Official Umpire Gear.

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