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It is not the purpose of USA Softball of Sacramento to police our teams, coaches and players. However, when the Code of Conduct OR National, Region or Local Rules and Regulations are not complied with and a written complaint is filed, our membership team will investigate the problem. The following complaint procedure shall be used in Sacramento.

1. An Official Complaint Form must be filed.

2. A non-refundable money order or cashier’s check in the amount of $50 made out to USA Softball of Sacramento MUST be included with the complaint form (Fee is refundable at the Commissioner’s discretion if the complaint is found to be substantiated.)

3. Evidence substantiating the violation must accompany and be listed on the complaint form (witness statements, documentation, photos, etc.) Witnesses to the violation must be named and their addresses and phone numbers listed in the complaint. Witnesses for or against the accused may testify at the hearing (limit four for each side). Written statements from witnesses unable to attend are acceptable.

4. A complaint will be acknowledged by email or mail within 2 weeks by USA Softball of Sacramento Staff Member.

5. The complaint will be handled by the USA Softball of Sacramento office as deemed appropriate.

6. A complaint regarding player or team related fees or uniforms may only be made if there is a signed agreement with the parent and the team regarding said fees or equipment.




A hearing will be held if it is determined that reasonable cause exists to believe the complaint is valid. Violation of specific rules in the USA Softball Code requires a minimum suspension time period. Other violations leave the penalty to the discretion of the hearing board or the Commissioner. All testimony will be considered in determining guilt or innocence and an appropriate penalty shall be determined when necessary.

It is possible that testimony received at the hearing will indicate leniency due to mitigating circumstances and in other cases, testimony may be received that necessitates a harsher penalty. When conducting a hearing, the USA Softball of Sacramento hearing board will consider the past record of the accused, including previous complaints, and testimony given by those in attendance.

1. If a hearing date is set all parties will be notified in writing.

2. Each party (complainant or accused) may request no more than one postponement.

3. Two people for the accused and two people for the accuser may give testimony.

4. If the accused fails to appear without notification and just cause, the hearing board shall proceed with the hearing and take proper action.

5. If the accuser fails to appear on the hearing date, the complaint may be dropped.

6. USA Softball of Sacramento is empowered to conduct necessary investigations into charges brought against another team, coach, player or umpire as a means of proving or disproving the charges.

7. An USA Softball of Sacramento Staff member or representative who witnesses or has irrefutable evidence of a violation of the code at a tournament may immediately remove a player, manager, coach or team from further competition in that tournament immediately.  A suspension hearing may be held as soon as possible to determine if further action needs to be taken by the USA Softball of Sacramento office.

8. Any manager, coach or player suspended from USA Softball of Sacramento will forfeit all rights and privileges given a member under the USA Softball National Code, Pacific Coast Region and USA Softball of Sacramento rules and regulations. The forfeit of rights & privileges shall include, but not be limited to:


a) Representing himself or herself as an eligible USA Softball manager, coach or player.

b) Practicing, managing, coaching or participating at any time with a USA Softball team.

c) Recruiting for a USA Softball team.

d) Competing with or against any USA Softball team.

e) Suspended individuals may not be on the field, scorekeep, be in or around the dugout, relay verbal advice or instruction or send signals to a team from any location.

f) Suspended individuals may participate as a spectator or parent only.

9. If a complaint is upheld and results in suspension, the individual(s) has the right to appeal as outlined in the USA Softball National Code.




If there is a finding of responsibility, the respondent has the right to appeal to the local USA Softball Commissioner or JO Commissioner. Appeals must be in writing and delivered to the Sacramento Office within seven business days (excluding weekends) after the notice of the case outcome. There are four grounds for filing an appeal:

  1. new information that significantly alters the findings of fact;
  2. evidence of improper procedure;
  3. findings that are against the weight of the evidence;
  4. insufficient / excessive sanctions.

Action: If a request for an appeal is not filed within the appeal period, the decision of the hearing panel is final and will be implemented. 


Confidentiality Policy:

Any information disclosed at the hearing is confidential and shall not be disclosed to parties outside of the hearing. The information disclosed at the hearing is not be discussed, shown, or shared in any way with anyone outside of the membership of the hearing body or the USA Softball of Sacramento office. Failure to abide by this confidentiality policy will result in further sanctions. 

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